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Quick-Service Equipment Repair

At CJ'S Installation Services, LLC, provides service throughout the Pacific Northwest. On site evaluation to determine scope of work and equipment recommendations.



Monthly, Quarterly Scheduled Maintenance, or as needed.  
We repair the following:


Pallet Racks
Cantilever Rack 
Drive Through Rack
Drive In Rack Flow Rack
Push Back Rack
Flow Rack
Dock Equipment
Mobile Shelving Systems
Dock Equipment
Guard Rail
Guide Rail
• Pallet Racks
• Cantilever Rack 
• Drive Thru Rack
• Drive In Rack
• Flow Rack
• Push Back Rack
• Flow Rack
• Dock Equipment
• Conveyors
• Mobile Shelving Systems
• Dock Equipment
• Guard Rail
• Guide Rail


It is inevitable that over time, Pallet Racks, and Warehouse Equipment will need repairs, adjustments, rearrangements and or replacement.  CJ's Installations Services LLC excells in providing the specialized labor and tools to repair Pallet Racks, Rack Guards, Drive Thru, Drive In, Cantilever, Flow Rack, etc. to keep the rack installation functioning at maximum capacity and safety.

Contact us to request an estimate for expert equipment installation or repair.